eVaderis is the first company worldwide offering innovative IP solutions based on new disruptive embedded NVM or NVRAM (MRAM, RRAM…). We’re providing highly competitive off-the-shelf and custom products able to meet the challenges of tomorrow: power-miserly and high performance non-volatile memory compilers, logic libraries and subsystems, paving the way for new chip design paradigms.

Our solutions are covering diverse market segments (wearables, IoT…) and overcome limitations (speed, power, leakage, flexibility, unification, cost, area…) of current memory technologies and techniques (SRAM, CMOS Registers, OTP, embedded Flash, EEPROM…). We rely on a global system approach by offering a highly flexible and easy to implement non-volatile digital platform to chip (MCU, SoC,…) designers.

eVaderis has an intensive innovation activity and owns several disruptive design patents from analog circuits up to system levels.


Part of the back-end process, the non-volatile memory elements are used as-is, the product’s portfolio is being generated thanks to design innovations and optimization. By combining the most efficient CMOS technologies and emerging embedded NVM such as MRAM and RRAM, eVaderis is developing versatile architectures and software able to efficiently manage data, codes, states, and configurations within the customer’s chip, going from the simplest logic cell up to the full subsystem and processor. To support these developments, eVaderis owns a dedicated design flow (software) taking care of technology and design analysis together with IP generation and qualification. The company has many years of combined experiences on MRAM, RRAM, PCRAM, Flash, SRAM, standard cell, low power digital design and automation flow.



Jean-Pascal Bost

President & CEO

Jean-Pascal has 30+ years of experience. After participating in the launch of a software company, he worked for Bossard Consultants (now Gemini Consulting), then, he held several finance positions within international industrial companies: Schneider Electric (electric equipment), Juva Sante (healthcare products, organic food), and Carbone Lorraine (magnets) in the US. He joined the startup world, first at Crocus Technology then at McPhy Energy where he was involved in fund raising and IPO. He also led the incorporation of SATT GIFT (Alpes area TTO and incubator). Jean-Pascal graduated from ESSEC Business School, France.

Dr. Virgile Javerliac

Deputy CEO – Head of Technology and Marketing

Virgile has 15+ years of experience in the semiconductor industry, from start-ups to large corporations. After working as a designer at Crocus Technology in the US, he led technical projects at ARM and then became project manager, taking care of the synergy between technical developments and marketing strategy at CEA. He has a technical background in advanced physical IP and low-power design, especially MRAM, SRAM, compilers, custom analog/logic cells. Virgile holds a PhD from Grenoble INP and has graduated from EMLYON Business School, France.


Dr. Fabrice Bernard-Granger


Fabrice has 15+ years of experience in the semiconductor industry, from start-ups to large corporations. After developing data storage solutions at Alditech, he led technical projects at ST Microelectronics on advanced CMOS (Bulk and FDSOI) nodes, also overseeing process development quality across the different shareholders, Electronic Design Automation (EDA) vendors, business units, foundries and partners within large R&D alliances (IBM, NXP/Freescale). He set up and managed software/IT infrastructure activities to develop nonvolatile memory at CEA. He has a technical background in design flow development as well as modeling. Fabrice holds a PhD from Grenoble University, France.



Dr. Jean-Pierre Nozieres

Jean-Pierre has 25+ years of experience in research and industry, from start-ups to large corporations and public laboratories, both in France and in the US. He is founder and former executive director of SPINTEC, founder and former CTO of Crocus Technology, founder of eVaderis, currently founder and CEO of Antaios. He has also worked at Institut Neel, IBM-Research and Applied Magnetics (USA), amongst others. He is an expert in new ventures, team and project management, disk drives and MRAM technologies. Jean-Pierre holds a PhD in Physics from Grenoble University and an engineering degree from Grenoble INP, France.


Jean-Philippe Gallant

Jean Philippe, graduated from Ecole Superieure d’Electricite and joined IBM in 1965 in Montpellier newly established production site. He worked with IBM for 28 years in various manufacturing, marketing and business development (corporate venturing) responsibilities he left IBM in 1993 to become the CEO of Solectron France, the world leader of Electronic Manufacturing Services. Subsequently he occupied various functions to assist French financial institutions in their investment strategies in the field of new technologies. He serves on the board of several French start ups, financial institutions and listed companies.


Carlos Mazure

Carlos Mazure is currently Executive Vice President and Chief Technical Officer at Soitec. Carlos has led the development of strategic advanced technologies at Soitec since 2001. He works closely with academic research labs and Soitec customers and suppliers to develop new applications for Soitec’s Smart Cut™ technology. Prior to joining Soitec, Carlos served as executive vice president, business development at Infineon Technologies AG, where he was involved with the IBM-Infineon DRAM Development Alliance. His experience also includes work on BiCMOS-on-SOI high-performance components at Motorola Corp. He has filed more than 100 patents worldwide and is the author of 120 scientific papers. He holds two PhDs in physics, one from the University of Grenoble, France, and the other from the Technical University of Munich, Germany.