About us

eVaderis is the first company worldwide offering innovative IP solutions based on new disruptive embedded NVM or NVRAM (MRAM, RRAM…). eVaderis is providing highly competitive off-the-shelf and custom products able to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

Embedded MRAM, RRAM…
enablers of a smarter world

From the Internet-of-Things (IoT) to wearable devices, smartphones and tablets, we observe an ever-increasing demand for smarter and more secure connected devices. These billions of connected objects are “expected to change our lives”.  We want self-driving cars, health monitors, computer glasses, intelligent factories, and so much more. This ambient intelligence requires combining advanced data processing capabilities with high energy efficiency (i.e. years of battery life) while keeping costs down. Making this vision a reality will require the implementation of disruptive embedded NVM within SoC.


advanced data processing capabilities and high energy efficiency

Our solutions

eVaderis products cover a wide range of markets and applications; wearables, mobiles, infrastructures, IoT, etc. For all of them, we can help you analyze and overcome many limitations of current technologies (eSRAM, eFlash, CMOS registers and standard cells) and improve the final chip design. Based on your constraints and needs, we select the most suitable IP (MRAM, RRAM, design profile…) to best fit your application. We can lower the energy footprint, area, and costs, and increase speeds.  We can also bring new features and further gains thanks to the system’s re-architecture and specific firmware.


wearables, mobiles, infrastructures, iot…

Our products

eVaderis provides cost-effective and CMOS compatible non-volatile IP products from single memory cuts and logic libraries, to memory compilers and optimized subsystem processor hard macros. All these products come with different options to better fit application constraints in term of flexibility, functionality, area, power, and performance. We offer easy-to-implement platforms with strong customer support.


flexibility, functionality, area, power and performance