eVaderis joins FDXcelerator™ Program to deliver Memory IP to GLOBALFOUNDRIES 22FDX® Technology Platform

eVaderis today announced that it has joined GLOBALFOUNDRIES’ FDXcelerator™ Partner Program to provide scalable, advanced memory IP to be compatible with GF’s 22FDX® technology. The advanced memory IP is expected to offer performance and energy saving advantages over competing memory solutions.

eVaderis offers a comprehensive, physical design platform to chip designers including a suite of advanced memory IP for efficient code and data management together with Non-Volatile Kits (NVK), as an extension of standard and power cell libraries, dedicated to ultra-low power design.

eVaderis helps to bring instant-on/normally-off computing capabilities and accelerates time to tapeout for the implementation of “non-volatile IoT SoC” by offering optimized memory and processor subsystems IP with dedicated firmware together with engineering and expertise.

eVaderis IP products cover a wide range of markets and applications: wearables, mobiles, infrastructures, IoT. For all of them, eVaderis can help customers overcome multiple limitations of the current technologies therefore improving the final chip design. “We are very pleased to welcome eVaderis to GF’s FDXcelerator partner Program,” said Alain Mutricy, senior vice president of product management at GF. “By combining GF’s 22FDX® platform, with eVaderis’ IP memory solutions, we bring together best-in-class capabilities to help meet the requirements for memory intensive applications.”

“We are very proud to collaborate with GF and believe that our offering will help their 22FDX customers deliver products and provide the market with solutions that customers are eagerly waiting for,” said Jean-Pascal BOST, President & CEO, eVaderis. “We believe that our development paves the way to energy efficient components and devices.”

About eVaderis

Founded in 2014, eVaderis is the first company worldwide offering innovative IP solutions based on disruptive embedded memory technologies. We are providing highly competitive off-the-shelf and custom products able to meet the challenges of tomorrow: non-volatile memory compilers, logic libraries and subsystems, paving the way for new chip design paradigms. For more information about the company and its products, please visit www.evaderis.com.