Going from body sensing through health monitors to earbuds and smart glasses, wearables need advanced, low-power solutions packed in tiny chips. eVaderis offers the ultimate solution combining high-density and battery-limited, harvester-compatible features.


Mobiles are entering a new world combining visual immersion, interactivity, and connectivity to improve user experience. Meeting those demands requires advanced processing and storage capabilities with maximum lifetime. eVaderis is offering both ultra-low-power and high-performance solutions to enable high efficiency applications.



Backbones of smarts cities and factories are based on wireless sensor networks interacting with the physical world. Managing an ever-increasing amount of data and complexity requires new concepts to guaranty the security and the years lifetime of those devices. eVaderis is offering low-cost, secure, and power-miserly solutions to meet the challenges of tomorrow.


Big data is putting a lot of pressure on infrastructure with more and better data management requirements: no collisions, no losses. eVaderis is offering reliable and data-efficient solutions to increase the overall Quality of Services (QoS).



Reduce costs and simplify hardware

Today chip design combines multiple memory technologies to fit within multiple constraints and cover diverse functions. New designs requiring embedded NVM are strongly limited by current technologies such as Flash, EEPROM, which are unable to offer both a low-cost and a logic-friendly option suitable for FDSOI and FinFET processes. eVaderis offers unified, cost efficient solutions that simplify processes and designs.

Lower operating voltages and currents

Embedded Flash or EEPROM use highs voltages for write and read operations, internal uses like execute in place (XiP) or data storage are becoming less and less energy efficient with process and core voltage scaling. It’s even unpractical with lifetime-sensitive battery-operated or harvesting applications unable to supply such voltages or currents (partially generated by mandatory charge pumps). eVaderis is offering ultra-low current and voltage solutions supporting harsh conditions.

Speed-up execution

Some applications require code execution with low latencies; current architecture uses multiple and complex buffering techniques to compensate for the embedded Flash’s long access time, even for a few tens of megahertz clock speed. eVaderis provides low latency, simple and single clock cycle solutions supporting performance-constrained designs.

Cut down leakage currents

Current leakage is everywhere at chip level due to SRAM and CMOS registers used to maintain data, states, and sometimes codes. The residual current generates self-heating, reducing the system efficiency, and significantly impacting battery life. The most advanced low-power CMOS processes help, but are limited, and the latest power management techniques bring a lot of design complexities. eVaderis offers zero-leakage NVRAM and logic solutions that support power-constrained designs and make the development of low-power chips easier.

Make it denser

Some applications have existing physical constraints (available volume, existing packages…); SRAM, CMOS registers and some OTP, MTP footprints are quite high, and embedded Flash’s peripheral area overhead is not efficient, which is even worse for smalls parts. eVaderis delivers high-density solutions that reduce the overall silicon area at chip level.

Enable low power instant-save and boot

Boot or interruption sequences can go through different phase functions of the application (digital configuration, analog trimming, stack or specific software loading…). Those processes are time and power consuming, which is even worse in the event of an external boot. Additionally, avoiding data loss during the execution of full restarts (voluntary or not: power failure) requires complex and inefficient checkpointing techniques. eVaderis delivers low-power instant-save and boot solutions, drastically increasing the efficiency of those mechanisms.

Simplify software

Software development is getting more complex for highly-constrained, battery-powered, embedded applications using standard technologies: RAM has limitations in managing multiple and complex power modes (idle, sleep, deep sleep…), and over-the-air upgrading is difficult (power limitation). eVaderis provides packaged solutions that make software development, debugging, and maintenance significantly easier.

Ease tests and calibrations

Many tests and calibration techniques are performed on the production line, which is getting costlier and more time consuming with the increase in chip complexity. eVaderis offers innovative solutions that allow on-chip (first boot) self-testing, calibration, and trimming in addition to aging self-compensation for the most critical applications.